sweets are shared equally among 20 children at a party. if there were 1 more sweet and 1 more child, each child would get 1 sweet less. how sweets were shared at the party?
thats how the question ends.

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  1. You might use algebra to solve this. (Hooray! Everyone loves algebra!)

    Let's create some variables:
    s = number of sweets
    n = number of sweets each child gets.

    So we have sweets shared equally among 20 children:

    s / 20 = n

    Also, 1 more sweet and 1 more child means 1 less sweet for each child:

    (s + 1) / (20 + 1) = (n - 1)

    Does that make sense? If so, can you take it from here?

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  2. i still have some problems

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  3. Where are you getting stuck exactly? I can't read your mind ya know! ;)

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