The distance d1 in miles, a small plane is from its final destination is given by d(t) = 250 – 100t, where t is the time, in hours, remaining for the flight. Find and discuss the meaning of the intercepts of the graph of the function. (You must first solve and graph this linear equation).

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  1. d(t) = 250 - 100t

    when t = 0 , d(0) = 250 ---> (0 , 250)
    when d(t) = 0
    250 - 100t = 0
    -100t = -250
    t = 2.5 ----------------> (2.5 , 0)

    the d(t) intercept is 250 (just like the y-intercept of y = mx + b)
    the t intercept is 2.5

    at the beginning the plane was 250 miles away
    it took 2.5 hours to arrive.

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