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Your parents have just brought you a care and now you have an opportunity to "deck it out." how would you change/ enhance your vehicle to make it your dream car? What features/parts would you add, including taxes. Imagine you have a job, $1000.00 in savings account and can afford to save up to $300.00 a month.
A.) Describe your vehicle, listing each added component and its costs.
B.) Calculate the total cost of these added features, including taxes.
I don't understand any of this stuff, please try to help me out.

asked by sim
  1. Car***

    posted by sim
  2. ok, so the first bit is asking how you would make the car better for your preference. for the sake of this i'll make some up.
    lets say;
    a spoiler ($600)
    a new paintscheme ($1200)
    High compression cylinder heads ($1000)
    i don tknow how to include the taxes. in the UK tax (VAT) is in the price but from what i can find, US sales tax varies by state from 1-10%
    ill assume 5% in your state (comment if you need help correcting this).
    answer to B=$2990US

    posted by jerome

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