English Grammar

She is sitting in back of me.
She is sitting in the back of me.
She is sitting at the back of me.
She is sitting at back of me.

She is sitting in front of me.
She is sitting in the front of me.

In this situation, are all the expressions grammatical?
Regardless 'the', is each pair the same?

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  1. If she is behind you, then the best sentence would be "She is sitting in back of me. "
    "She is sitting in front of me."

    The use of "the" would not be correct there.

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  2. Can't we use"She is sitting at the back of me".

    I could find the idiom, 'at the back of' in the dictionary.

    However, do yo mean in this case, the idiom is not used?

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  3. I have rarely heard "at the back of" used. Guru gave you the best answers.

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    Ms. Sue

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