Mark and Juanita want to tile their kitchen floor. If the kitchen floor is shaped like a rectangle and measures 11 feet × 14 feet, how many square tiles will they need to cover the floor is each square tile measures 4 inches × 4 inches?

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  1. Convert feet to inches, then divide.

    (11*12*14*12)/(4*4) = ?

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  2. Let us say that the tile is 4x4

    it is best to convert the units of the area from "feet" to "inches" to align it with the unit of the tiles (because that is what's being asked))

    The conversion will go like this:
    since 1 feet is equivalent to 12 inches
    we must multiply

    11ft x 12 = 132 inches
    14ft x 12 = 168 inches

    we will now divide it by the size of the tile

    132 inches/4 inches = 33
    168 inches/4 inches = 42

    Now multiply the two values

    33 x 42 = 1386 tiles that has the size of 4 square inches each.

    Answer: 1386 tiles

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