"le Chat. Principle" #2

Hi, there are 5 questions and I was wondering if you could check them for me. Thanks!

3. The hypothetical equilibrium reaction represented by the equation that follows.

QA(s) + 2 X(g)>>>Q(l) + X2A(g) + energy

This reaction can be shifted to increase the yield of products by adding.
My answer: This can be done by adding X’s to the reactant side; right side.

4. One step in the production of nitric acid is represented by the chemical equation that follows.

N2(g) + 2 O2(g) + 66.4 kJ>>>2 NO2(g)

List three ways that the amount of NO2(g) can be increased.
My answer: If the concentration were increased of the reaction
2nd: If the concentration of the products decreased
3rd: If the pressure increased

#5) Use the following information to answer the next \g questions.

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asked by Dave

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