Propeller blade in aeroplane is 2m long if propeller rotates 1800rev/min compute tangential velocity.

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  1. Circumference=pi*2r = 3.14 * 4m=12.57 m.

    V = 1800rev/min * 12.57m/rev * 1min/60s=
    377 m/s.

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  2. radius= 2m
    Frequency= 1800 rev/min =30 Hz
    Angular velocity=
    2πn= 2 × 3.14 ×30

    Velocity=radius×angular velocity
    V=2×(2×3.14)=376.8 m/s

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  3. It is very easy method

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  4. r=2m
    = r2πn
    = 2×2×3.14×30
    v=376.8 m/s

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  5. V=?
    N=1800rev/min,. 1st we need to convert this in rev/sec
    Therefore n=30rev/sec
    We know that,

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