nystce exam help with downloading

On the Nystce exam site-- the first site that comes up when you google "nystce":
Can someone please download and repost the * Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) (095) because my computer won't let me. Thanks very much.

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  1. The file you are downloading is a PDF file (it has an .pdf extension)
    you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
    Find it here


    install it , then try again.

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  2. I can't download that on my computer. That's why I've come here to request that someone with Acrobat Reader obtain that for me.

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  3. Are you on a home computer?
    Then it should be possible.

    If not ...

    The file is 32 pages long.
    How can you expect us to post it on this forum???

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  4. Never mind. Thanks a lot for all the help

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