Criminal Justice

1. Why is the role of the police in grand jury investigations important?

A. Police officers often testify before grand juries in order to help make the case against a possible criminal defendant.

B. Suspects always have the right to testify before the grand jury, so police testimony is important to counter the suspect's testimony.

C. Police involvement in grand jury trials is important because it is a police decision whether to indict the suspect.

D. Police involvement in grand jury trials is important because if the suspect enters a plea of nolo contendere before the grand jury, the police can oppose the plea.

im confued between A and C

2. What are two duties of the U.S. Secret Service?
A. Providing protection to government officials and conducting criminal investigations

B. Providing protection to government officials and working to prevent terrorism

C. Providing protection to government officials and controlling leaks of government secrets

D. Providing protection to government officials and investigating offenses against the President

is it D

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asked by Amy
  1. 1.

    2. I agree.

  2. answer to number 1 is C

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    posted by Amy
  3. I don't think so.

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