F(t)= 30000/1+20e^-1.5t

Describes the number of people, f(t), who have become ill with influenza t weeks after the initial outbreak in a town with 30,000 inhabitants.
a.) How many people became ill with flu when the epidemic began?
b.) How many people were ill by the end of the fourth week?

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  1. Surely you meant:

    F(t)= 30000/(1+20e^-1.5t )

    a) let t = -
    F(0) = 30000/(1+20) = appr 1429

    b) when t = 4
    F(4) = 30000/(1 + 20e^-6)
    = 28,583

    check my "button-pushing" on the calculator

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  2. f(t) 30000

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