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Collina’s Italian Café in Houston, Texas, advertises that carryout orders take about 25 minutes (Collina’s website, February 27, 2008). Assume that the time required for a carryout order to be ready for customer pickup has an exponential distribution with a mean of 25 minutes.

a. What is the probability than a carryout order will be ready within 20 minutes (to 4 decimals)?

b. If a customer arrives 30 minutes after placing an order, what is the probability that the order will not be ready (to 4 decimals)?

c. A particular customer lives 15 minutes from Collina’s Italian Café. If the customer places a telephone order at 5:20 P.M., what is the probability that the customer can drive to the café, pick up the order, and return home by 6:00 P.M. (to 4 decimals)?

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  1. A.) .55067
    B.) .30119

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