For its fleet of trucks, Overland Transport, Inc., purchased 580 tires rated at 50 pounds each. The tires had a retail price of $85 each. The sales tax in 4.5%, and the federal excise tax is $0.15 per pound.
A. What are the amount of sales tax per tire and the total sales tax?
B. What are the amount of federal excise tax per tire and the total excise tax?
C. What is the total purchase price of the tires>

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  1. A 85*.045 per tire
    multiply that by 580 tires for total

    B .15*50 per tire
    *580 for total

    C add $85 and per-tire taxes for total price per tire. *580 for total price.

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  2. what is the answer i don't know

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  3. what, you can't use a calculator to find that

    A: 85*.045 = $3.825 per tire sales tax
    3.825 * 580 = $2218.50 total sales tax


    now do the same for B

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