ms.sue, religion help

see i know that there is information on judaism. but see i have the titles but i have to convert each title intot a slide that describes/explains judaism to a 9yr.old kid. now the thing is that for each slide there can only be approx. 5lines and 5 words per bullet item. so what i need help in is what points should i talk about within the slide.for example if someone can break down for me.that would be awsome.

like this:
#1st slide:
title: relationship with god/torah

what should be in each letter what should i talk about or should i make them into questions and in the speaker notes write and explain the answer.

see i'm just getting more confused.

Let's take a look at the paragraphs I posted for Kailin about the relationship with God/Torah.

"Jews believe that there is a single God who not only created the universe, but with whom every Jew can have an individual and personal relationship."

"The Jews were promised by G*d that they were the chosen people and that G*d would lead and protect them until they reached the Kingdom Of Heaven. G*d's name is too holy and important to be said or written properly, I have put a star instead of the o each time it occurs, this is similar to how a Jew would write it."

" target="_blank">

Your slide could look like this:

Relationship with God and Torah
(a) One god created the universe.
(b) Everyone has personal relationship with God.
(c) Chosen people of God.

The last two points can be about the Torah. You'll find information about the Torah in the first web site above.

I assume you need to also talk about Judaism as you show the slides. Take more notes on the information in the two sites above and other sites you may find. Then -- explain the individual points verbally to the children.

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