Professor York randomly surveyed 240 students at Oxnard University, and found that 150 of the students surveyed watch more than 10 hours of television weekly. Develop a 95% confidence interval to estimate the true proportion of students who watch more than 10 hours of television each week. The confidence interval is:

A. .533 to .717
B. .564 to .686
C. .552 to .698
D. .551 to .739

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  1. Use confidence interval formulas for proportions.

    CI95 = p + or - (1.96)(√pq/n)
    ...where √ = square root, p = x/n, q = 1 - p, and n = sample size.

    Hint: x = 150, n = 240
    Convert all fractions to decimals to work the formulas.

    I hope this will help get you started.

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  2. ^^^ not a good answer

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  3. The answer is B

    0.625 +/- (1.960) times the square root of 0.0625(1-0.0625)/240

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