Math word problems

Susan uses 15 rolls of ribbon to decorate 10 wedding baskets. Each roll of ribbon is 5 3/8 yards long. After she decorates the baskets, she decides to cut off another 3/4 yard from the ribbon of each basket. Write and simplify an expression to fin out how much ribbon was used on the baskets.

Please show work.

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  1. L = 15x + 15y
    L = 15(x + y)

    x = 5 3/8 Yards
    y = 3/4 Yard
    L = Total length

    x + y = 5 3/8 + 3/4 = 43/8 + 6/8 = 49/8 = 6 1/8 Yards.

    L=15 * 49/8 = 91.875 Yards = 91 7/8 Yds.

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  2. Mrs. Layla bought 12 rolls of pink ribbon and some rolls of yellow ribbon. The total cost of the rolls of ribbon is $45. Each roll costs $3. How many rolls of yellow ribbon did Mrs. Layla buy?

    please show work

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