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1.Which of the following most contributes to deforestation of the amazon rain forest?

A. mining
B. lumber miliing
C. road construction
D. tourism

2.Which of the following is an immediate negative effect of deforestation of the amazon rain forest?

A. loss of biodiversity
B. economic growth
C. more land for farming
D. decline in tourism

3.The question of conservation in the amazon rain forest is mostly a matter of

A. political leaders vs. Citizens
B. nonprofits vs. interest groups
C. taxes vs. social services
D. economic development vs. conservation

4.A plan to address the long-term negative consequences of deforestation would most likely strive to

A. decrease greenhouse gasses
B. increase global warming
C. reduce production of crops
D. import more mineral resources

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asked by matt
  1. Read carefully.

    Let us know if you change your answers.

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. B A D A

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    posted by kyle
  3. Kyles answers are 100% correct, I just took the quick check and his answers have me all right... The answers are

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    posted by bruh
  4. B,A,D,A

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    posted by ghdm
  5. Thanks so much guys i got a 100 on my quickcheck because of you

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    posted by mya
  6. I hope you guys are right.

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    posted by PANDACORN
  7. B

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    posted by Anonymous
  8. 100%%%%%

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    posted by Dog poop
  9. B

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    posted by getoffmyback
  10. thanks for 100% :D

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    posted by donuts
  11. B A D A! Bada Bing bada boom!!!!! Thank u guyz!

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    posted by TeccaCheater
  12. B, a, d, a! Wow... Bada BOOK bada BOOM

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    posted by ME
  13. B

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    posted by Connexusboi01

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