Social studies

Sense someone keeps deleting it

2 Why did the judges accuse Joan of being a witch and a blasphemer

3.making judgements based on your reading of theis excerpt do you think Joan was more political than religous? Explain your answer.

This is Joan of Arc

2. On many occasions expressly refused to submit to Our Holy Father the Pope and the holy General Council and for being stubborn and obstinate in your crimes, excesses and errors;

3 i have no idea

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asked by Me
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. No one would delete your post unless it had personal information and/or was obnoxious. If you tried to "cut and paste" it rarely works here; you would have to type it out. After you've posted something, look carefully "above" where it will tell you "successfuly posted" or not!

    We have no idea what selection you read, but I'll be happy to come back in a few minutes with sites on Joan of Arc.


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  2. Here are some sites to try for information on Joan of Arc:

    1. (Wikipedia):

    2. (Catholic Encyclopedia):


    4. (archive of Jeanne d'Arc):

    As for #3, consider her age, her background!


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