Alice is going on a picnic and is aware that it will be easier to carry the picnic basket if it balances at the center where the handle is attached. She has placed a 1.55-kg container of potato salad at one end and a 0.675-kg package of hot dogs at the other end of a 52.0-cm long basket. Determine where she should place a 2.25-kg container of lemonade so that the basket balances at its center.

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  1. pls let the answer be at the end of this - sad college student

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  2. let h = mass of hot dogs
    p = mass of potato salad
    l = mass of lemonade
    solve for x, position of lemonade

    52/2 = (p*0 + l*x + h*52)/(p + l + h)

    52/2 - x = distance from center

    and it will be towards the hot dogs

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  3. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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