the current ratio of boys to girls at a certain school is 2 to 5 . if 12 additional boys were added to the school, the new ratio of boys to girls would be 4 to 9. how many boys currently attend the school?

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  1. number of boys --- 2x
    number of girls --- 5x

    after 12 new boys
    number of boys = 2x+12
    girls , still 5x

    (2x+12)/(5x) = 4/9
    18x + 108 = 20x
    108 = 2x
    x = 54

    So now the number of boys
    = 2x+12
    = 108+12
    = 120

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  2. Wrong!!The question is how many boys CURRENTLY attend the school. and that is 2x=108

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