American History

Which of the following statements is true regarding the constuction of the transcontinental railway?

a.Most workers for the Union Pacific Railroad were Chinese.

b. Most workers on the Central Pacific leg of the railway were Chinese.

c. Construction began in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1863 and Sacramento. California, in 1865.

d. The Sierra Nevada were the most difficult obstacle for the Union Pacific Railroad?

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  1. a is wrong
    b is true
    c wrong, started 1865
    d geography is wrong or railroad is wrong :)

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  2. b. Most workers on the Central Pacific leg of the railway were Chinese.


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  3. Congress supported construction of the transcontinental railroad by

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  4. A. paying the costs of construction.
    B. providing loans and land grants.
    C. paying for the development of faster steam engines.
    D. bringing laborers from China to work for low wages.

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  5. B

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