this is a physics qustion im stuck on:

ingrid holds the womans record time for a marathon race of 2h 21min 6s for 42.195km. The mens record is held by Blake grison of 2h 6 min 50s. If they had been in the same race how much would blake win by.. find this in time as well as distance

asked by Clara
  1. Ingrid: 2h, 21min, 06s =
    Blake-: 2h, 06min, 50s =

    2h, 20min, 66s
    2h, 06min, 50s
    Diff. = 14min, 16s. = = 14.267min = Blake's winning margin.

    Tb = 120 + 6 + 50/60 = 126.833min =
    Blake's time.

    Vb = d/Tb = 42,195m/126.833min = 332.681
    m/min = Blake's speed.

    d = 332.681m/min * 14.267min = 4746.4 m
    =4.746 km. = Blake's margin.

    posted by Henry

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