I think I asked this before...
This sentence: C'est meilleur prendre plus le transport....
My instructor said there is a "de" before in "C'est meilleur de prendre plus le transport."

Is that correct? But why?

And also for C'est difficle de se deplace en voiture...does the "de" have to be there infront of se deplace?

And "C'est diffile (de) trouver les parkings or trouver du parkings?


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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. French makes the meaning of "it" clear by two distinct constructions. The translations of these sentences into English, although identical have two different meanings.

    Il est meilleur DE lire... = It is better to read. = Reading is better.

    C'est meilleur à lire... = It is better to read. = The book/ The letter/etc. is better to read.


    Il est..(adject)

    C'est ...(adject)...à

    So actually, it should be "C'est meilleur à prendre plus le transport."

    C'est difficile à trouver du parking (some parking lot) les parkings (the parking lots)..... so it would depend upon exactly what you meant.

    Please check with your teacher to make sure you totally understood what was said. Perhaps, so that no one is embarrassed, you might ask to have the "rule" shown to you in a grammar book?


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  2. That is not correct.
    I would say :
    C'est meilleur prendre plus le transport
    >>> C'est mieux de prendre plus (souvent) les transports

    C'est difficle de se deplace en voiture >> ort : C'est difficile de se déplacer en voiture

    C'est diffile (de) trouver les parkings or trouver du parkings >> C'est difficile de trouver des parkings (un parking is better)

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