Hi there! If this was in a real debate do you think the split would work? And do you think that Employment would work. By the way it is in australia! Any stats to help with my Employment would be good...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, chairperson.
We the negative team disagree with the proposition set in the topic
• That woman’s sport should have equal air time on television
Which can be defined as
• Female dominated sport has a moral right to be shown on 50% of sport shows on all television: Cable paid and free to air as well as satellite.
Instead the we propose that we should
• Let the situation even out by encouraging woman’s sport from a early age with no age limit
The reasoning behind this is
• That therefore naturally 50% of all sport shows will be shown according to demand not brute force that could be harmful to the TV stations

I as first speaker will speak about the importance of sport in our society and what implementing such laws will do to that society, Devin our second speaker will be talking about sport and the individual while Sean our third speaker will sweep away the oppositions arguments in rebuttal

I will be talking about our
1. Economy
2. Employment
These points will be spoken about in the above listed order.

Sport and the Economy
Our economy is at an uncertain point. High taxes, high maintenance and don’t we all dread the announcement blaring on our TV? You know the one! The reserve bank has decided to raise interest rates. With all that fuss the finance minister is probably having a bad case of… finance blues.
Where am I going you may well ask. So I will answer you. Sport on Television is crucial to the free TV industry. Without money they bring in from sport advertising revenue they are not able to supply other TV shows such as the Simpson’s CSI Law and Order. all of these shows are supplied because of POPULAR DEMAND. At the moment however
80% of sport watchers are men.
So if that popular demand was to change then, not only would it stop a bad case of unpopularity for any TV station under law, it will also gain more advertising from sponsors. This will not take away from the Revenue money. How would this change? Easy! By Let the situation even out by encouraging woman’s sport from a early age with no age limit. This is not only giving the TV station “RIGHTS AT WORK!!! but also not giving them the well known case of finance blues

Sport and Employment

Thats how far my speech is, Thanks

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