One more rectangular-shaped piece of metal siding needs to be cut to cover the exterior of a pole barn. The area of the piece is 30 ft². The length is 1 less than 3 times the width. How wide should the metal piece be? Round to the nearest hundredth of a foot (1 point)
• 3.33 ft
• 4.3 ft
• 1 ft
• 30 ft

asked by Sandra
  1. w(3w-1) = 30
    (3w-10)(w+3) = 0

    posted by Steve
  2. 3.33ft

    posted by nathan
  3. It will be 3.33ft I did the Quiz I got 100%

    posted by Margo
  4. 1.) b
    2.) a
    3.) b
    4.) c
    5.) d
    6.) c
    7.) c
    8.) a

    posted by smilinf askfas
  5. sminlinf askfas I just did the test the answer for 3. is not b but is actually a, the a on my test is 3

    posted by somebody
  6. Somebody is right 100%

    posted by Pismobeachgirl
  7. smil its extremely incorrect, the answers are:


    posted by TheDarkOne
  8. 1. (1,3)
    2. maximum
    3. 42 feet
    4. 11, -11
    5. -7, -1
    6. -6, 4
    7. 0, 5/2
    8. 3.33

    I got 8/8 with this

    posted by Sam
  9. Sam is 100% correct; thank you very much mate!

    posted by Personification Personified
  10. sam is right^^ 100%

    posted by lilly
  11. right 100%

    posted by ca
  12. 1. B (1, 3)
    2. A maximum
    3. A 3
    4. C 42 feet
    5. D 11, -11
    6. C -7, 1
    7. C -6, 4
    8. A 3.33ft

    posted by Ember Lovet
  13. Ember lovet is right!!!

    posted by Money
  14. just to confirm again because the 7th question must have been changed after Sam wrote the answers because he's right for everything but 7 which is C: -6, 4 like Ember Lovet said. thanks so much to all of yall.

    posted by bittylouwho
  15. unit 5 quadratic functions and equations
    1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. D
    5. C
    6. C
    7. B
    8. A
    i got 8/8 trust me i hate this school so i know how hard it is to pass ;)

    posted by Anonymous
  16. Anonymous is 100% correct. I just did the test. Thx anonymous! =D

    posted by algebra 1 unit 5 lesson 4 quiz from connexus

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