Math, Please Help!

Ned divided a given number by 3 and then added 2. If he should have multiplied the number by 3 and then subtracted 2, which of the following two steps can he do next to get the correct answer?

Subtract 4 and then multiply by 9.

Subtract 12 and then multiply by 3.

Multiply by 3 and then subtract 4.

Multiply by 6 and then subtract 14.

Multiply by 9 and then subtract 20.

I think C.

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asked by Toni
  1. he has n/3 + 2
    he wants 3n - 2

    to get the 3n, he needs to multiply by 9. That will give him 3n+18

    So, then he needs to subtract 20.

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    posted by Steve

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