The table show the median home prices in Florida what is the equation of a trend line that models a relationship between time and home prices use the equation to predict the median home price in 2040?
Year 1940 median price 23,800
Year 1950 median 40,900
Year 1960 median 58,000
Year 1970 median 57,400
Year 1980 median 82,400
Year 1990 median 100,700
Year 2000 median 113,100
Answers are

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  1. x = year -1940
    if x = 0 , y = 23,800
    if x = 60, y = 113,100

    slope = m = (113,100 - 23,800)/60
    y = 1488.33 x +23,800

    when year = 2040
    x = 2040 - 1940 = 100 years

    y = 1488.33 (100) + 23800
    = 172,633
    so the last one

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  2. come on, really? that answer is partly correct dude. are you . were did the 172,633 come fro when that's not even one of the choices.if your not going to post the correct answer DON'T POST AT ALL

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  3. john what did you get

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  4. aye im about to drop them down below

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  5. john, he's rounding. don't be rude.

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