please check these answer damon or anyone else

1. A tropical climate is key to which economic activity in the lowlands of central emerica and the carribean?

A. commerce and manufacturing
B. production of cash crops
C. animal husbandry
D. mining

2. Which country has the regions most stable democracy?

A. guatemala
B. costa rica
C. haiti
D. dominican republic

3. Even though the united states had just had its own revolution to overthrow a colonial power,it did not suppose the revolution in haiti becase

A. the united states regretted breaking with england because of the economic problems it caused.
B. The united states did not have any relationship with france,so it did not get involved in any french affairs
C. toussaint l ouverture insisted or running the revolution himself and would not axcept assistance from any other sources
D. the united states was concerned about slave rebellions in the south and did not want to support one in another country

4. The dependene on other nations,that made colonies vulnerable to foreign control after independence,was mainly beause foreigners

A. insisted on buiolding and maintaining military bases
B. provided investment to help build the countries economies
C. provided political ideas that inspired revolutions
D. continued to control trade through the colonial system.

5. Most of central america is found on which type of landform?

A. island
B. isthmus
C. plateau
D. delta

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  1. I have to see what you think first. I will check after lunch.

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  2. i told you my answers and when is after lunch?

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  3. I don't see any answers either.

  4. ill put answers here i thought i put them


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  5. No daila is not correct Costa Rica has the most stable economy, not Guatemala

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  6. B
    100% CORRECT [ :

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