if u used the word appartenir while doing passe compose, would it be one of the words of DR MRS VANDERTRAMP, as in, u's have to use the verb etre? cuz i think tenir is one of those words i think...

Please Help =) Thanks!


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asked by Slappy
  1. you use "avoir"

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  2. I am pretty sure appartenir is not a (vandertramp) verb.

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    posted by Selaine
  3. Thank you all for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are the verbs of DrMrsVandertramp:
    D = devenir
    r = rentrer
    M = mourir
    r = rester
    s = sortir
    V = venir
    a = arriver
    n = naître
    d = descendre
    e = entrer
    r = revenir
    t = tomber
    r = rentrer
    a = aller
    m = monter
    p = partir

    (sometimes "passer" when it means "to go by for someone; to pick them up" takes être.

    It's often easier if you've seen "The House of Être" or if you pair them up.

    aller / venir
    arriver / partir
    entrer / sortir
    monter / descendre
    revenir / r etourner / rentrer
    tomber / rester / devenir
    naître / mourir


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  4. Here us a "House of Être" that you can see:

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