Social studies***help***

HI im Dalia and i just want my answers to be checked for the subject of Social studies.thanks again.

6.Which aspect of Aztec culture benefitted the Spanish when they were conquering the Aztecs?

A.The Aztecs made enemies of the surrounding tribes who were more than happy to assist the Spanish against them.
B.The Aztec had sophisticated irrigation.(***B.***
C.The Aztec had a sophisticated calendar system.
D.The Aztec Empire included several cultures.

7. Which of the following is the most valid reason for not digging up Aztec ruins in modern Mexico City?

A.There are no Aztec ruins under Mexico City.***A.***
B.Mexicans have very little interest in their history.
C.People's homes and businesses would be destroyed.
D.There are very few archeologists in Mexico.

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  1. Both are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. ok thanks

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  3. 6. A.
    7. C.

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  4. Which of the following is a reason the Aztec were able to build a large emperor A. They were fierce warriors and rarely suffered defeat b. They allied with Spanish to defect other American Indian empires c. They where isolated from other empires and didn’t need to engage in warfare. D. They used weapons left behind by European explores to easily defeat their empire
    I think its A. can someone please review question and my answer.

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  5. Which was the main purpose of Chinampras a. to increase the amount of farmland b. to protect the Azted from attach c. to carry fresh water to fields d. to transport people and goods

    My answer A.

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  6. The two main classes of Aztec society were a. solider and slaves b. Nobes and Commenters c. nobles and slaves d. priest and kings

    My answer B Nobles and Commenters

    thank you for checking my answers

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  7. what are the awnsers

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  8. Which of the following is a reason the Aztec were able to build a large empire?

    They were fierce warriors and rarely suffered defeat.

    They allied with the Spanish to defeat other American Indian empires.

    They were isolated from other empires and didn't need to engage in warfare.

    They used weapons left behind by European explorers to easily defeat their enemies.

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