Tickets to a concert are available online for $25 plus a one time handling fee of$1.75 the total cost is a function of the number of tickets bought what function rule models the cost of the concert tickets evaluate the function for 6 tickets answers are25t+1.75;$151.75, 1.75t+25;$151.75, 1.75t+25;$35.50, 25t+1.75;$35.50

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  1. c'mon, snow -- take a look.

    There's a 1.75 fee just to start with.
    After that, each ticket costs 25, so for t tickets, that would be 24t.

    $25t+1.75 fits the conditions
    plug in 6 for t and pick the final answer.

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  2. Here are the answers for the whole QC for CA students.
    1. C
    2. A
    3. no
    4. c
    5. A

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  3. Rachel you might want to double check that. Some of especially since a vertical line test should actually be a curve line.

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  4. $151.75

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  5. The correct answers for the QC


    Hope this helps

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  6. Shiina is correct 100%

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  7. shona is right 100%

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  8. shiina is still correct in 2018!

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  9. 1. Make a mapping diagram for the relation. (-2, -6), (0,3), (1,-5), (5,0)
    Answer: is where -2 line points to -6
    2. graph the relation. Find the domain and range.
    Answer: is A, but the graph has 2 piints on the positive and negative side. Domain-{-1, -1/2, 3/2, 2} Range: |-1, 0, 1/2, 3/2|
    3. Is the realtion a function? {(14,15),(5,7),(3,10),(11,1),(5,8)}
    Answer: No.
    4.Use the vertical-line test to determine which graph represents a function.
    Answer: One line, going straight across, just below where 2 is located, on the y-axis.
    5.For f(x)=5x+1, find f(-4)
    Answer: -19
    6. Tickets to a concert ar avilable online for $25 plus a one-time handling fee of $1.75. The total cost is a function of the number of tickets bought. What function rule models the cost of the concert tickets? Evaluate the function for 6 tickets.
    Answer:25t+1.75; $151.75

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  10. Countless nightmare is correct!

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