Analytical Chemistry

Match the following terms about analytical precipitations to their definitions:

A.) Coprecipitation
B.) Adsorption
C.) Absorption
D.) Gathering
E.) Masking
F.) Digestion
G.) Peptization

1.) Inclusion or occlusion of impurities within a crystal.
2.) Binding of impurities to the surface of a crystal.
3.) Breaking up of precipitation upon washing with water in the absence of an electrolyte
4.) Letting a precipitate stand with the mother liquor to promote slow recrystallization
5.) Isolation of a trace component for analysis by coprecipitation with a major component in the solution
6.) Treatment of impurities with an agent to prevent coprecipitation with the desired analyze.
7.) Adsorption, occlusion or inclusions of impurities along with the desired analyte in a precipitation

Hint Given: The first five terms deal with coprecipitation of impurities, while the last two refer to treatment of a precipitate after it is formed.

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  1. Aren't these defined in your text/notes?

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  2. A - 1

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  3. A-7

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