Art- Check Answers- Please

1. Alexander Calder invented this type of art.

fiber art
mobiles ********
public art

2. Today, decisions in planning, selecting, and/or creating an artwork for public display are made in the following way.

They are the decision of the artist.
by collaboration among the community, artist, and local government ******
they are the decision of the mayor or local leader.
through voting by the local community

3. The Great Wall of Los Angeles chronicles and illustrates this part of California history.

a. the civil rights struggle
b. writing of the U.S. constitution
c. stories of people trying to be recognized
d. French explorers and discoveries
both a and d
both a and c ******

4. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in this city.

(Washington, D.C.
New York, New York
Los Angeles, California ******
Las Vegas, Nevada

5. This artist designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Robert Smithson
Frederick Law Olmstead
Frank O. Gehry ********

6. Besides having good design sense, this is essential to being a successful interior designer.

writing skills
carpentry skills
organization *********

7. When selecting fabrics, interior designers look at these characteristics of a fabric.

line, shape, and pattern
line, texture, and pattern
form and rhythm
color, texture, and pattern *********

8. This is NOT one of the purposes of architecture.

create dwellings
create structures for recreation
create structures for prayer
create structures for exploration *********

9. Alexander Calder was so productive in his lifetime, he created this estimated number of artworks.

15,000 *******

10. This is the double challenge for architects.

create works that are pleasing and useful **********
create works that are pleasing and expressive
create works that are inexpensive and useful
create works that are inexpensive and expressive

asked by Wendy
  1. looks good to me.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. are You sure! :?

    posted by Wendy
  3. Yes, of course. It is difficult to estimate his artwork total, as he made a lot of Jewelry (thousands of pieces)

    posted by bobpursley
  4. Of course he's sure that the answers look good to him! But he hasn't studied your textbook, so can't be positive that your answers are the same as your book's author's answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. All are correct, just took the test using your answers and I got 100% on it.(:

    posted by BabyCurls

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