It would be nice if someone could help me with this. This is what I'm working on:
Command form(imperative mood)-plural
I'm filling in the blanks with the polite plural command of the verb in parentheses:Ok. Now I actually did the work. Just please correct me. Thanks.

1.-----------(ir) a la pizarra con la tarea para hoy
2.-----------(Escribir) las respuestas correctas
3.-----------(Devolver) estas las revitas a la bibliotecaria manana
4.-----------(Saludar) a la bibliotecaria de me parte
5.-----------(venir) con nosotros al cine esta noche
6.-----------(Traer) bastante dinero para comer despues del cine.
7.-----------(Tomar) mas cafe o te si quieren
8.-----------(Pedir) un refresco para los ninos
9.-----------(Abrir) los libros de ejercicios
10.-----------(Tener) cuidado al hacer estos ejericios
11.-----------(Vender) su auto movil al mejor precio posible
12.-----------(Usar) el dinero para comprarse otro mejor
13.-----------(Poner) los vasos mojados sobre la mesa
14.-----------(Tener) cuidado. se rompen facilmente
15.----------(Recordar) que manana

My answers: (note: I know I'm missing the accents, but I just want to make sure my work is correct. Thanks)
1.Vayan a la pizarra con la tarea para..
2.Escriban Las respuestas correctas
5. Venan
6. Traan
7. Tomen
8. Pedan
9. Abran
10. Tengan
11. Vendan
12. Usen
13. Pongan
14. Tengan
15. Recorden

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  1. 2. Devuelvan
    11. Vengan
    12. Use
    15. Recuerden

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  2. Thank you for getting back to us WITH what you believe to be the answers! Check #2 where you do not need a capital letter.

    3. devolver is like volver (o--->ue) = Devuelvan
    5. venir has an irregular "yo" form and that is the "base" of the uds. command.
    6. If you don't know the "yo" form of the Present Indicative Tense, you'll never get the correct base. Traer = traigo & the command is Traigan.
    8. pedir is a stem-changing verb (e--->i) = pido & therefore Pidan
    15. recordar is a stem-changer (o--->ue) Recuerden.

    It looks like you have no problem with regular verbs, just irregular!

    Mindy = you have some trouble! #2 = #3, 11 is vender, not venir, 12 must be plural and 15 is correct!


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