1-20 can you please check my answers marked with ***

which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA?
a. labor unions
b. human rights groups
c. environmentalists
***d. large corporations

in the 1950s 40 percent of the u.s workforce was engaged in manufacturing by the 2000s fewer than___ percent of u.s workers were employed in manufacturing.

which of the following states is considered part of the corn belt?
a. Oregon
b. Alabama
c. Texas
***d. Iowa

immigration currently accounts for about ___ of u.s population growth?
a. a quarter
***b. one third
c. three quarters
d. one half

the only central American country with a long history of democratic government is?
a. Belize
***b. costa Rica
c. Nicaragua
d. Guatemala

to avoid risk associated with tornadoes lightning and hurricanes in the untied states you should steer clear of

a. Pennsylvania
**b. Florida
c. Minnesota
d. Nevada

on Caribbean islands with mountains the windward slopes facing the trade winds force air upward causing rainfall as a result areas immediately to the leeward of the mountains have a microclimate with sparse precipitation called an?
a. slope shadow
b. drought shadow
**d. rain shadow

the alternative for the Americas agreement of the early 2000s is primarily aimed at?
a. excluding the untied states from Latin America
***b. creating a Latin American union
c. improving ties with European union
d. inviting foreign investment from Asia

which of the following is the primary subsistence crop in Latin America?
a. beans
**b. corn
c. potatoes
d. wheat

the two largest metropolitan areas in Canada are Toronto and?
a. Edmonton
b. Ottawa
c. Vancouver
**d. Montreal or c not sure

which of the following is not a leading urban center in Venezuela?
**a. Salvador
b. Maracaibo
c. Valencia
d. Caracas

exports of tin and silver were the mainstays of the ___ economy for many decades however today as the market for tin has declined the country has become an exporter of other metallic ores such as gold.
a. Peruvian
**b. Bolivian
c. Ecuadorian
d. Colombian

in Mexico the expression porfiriato refers to
**a. the oppressive rule of Porfirio diaz
b. the end of the political dominance of the PRI in July 2000
c. any kind of authoritarian political oppression
d. the revolution of 1911 that overthrew Diaz

which of the following statements about the physical geography of north America is true?
a. the largest tributary of the Mississippi is the Arkansas river
b. the ancient rock of the Canadian shield covers about one fourth of Canada
c. the Mississippi drainage basin is the firth largest in the world
**d. the most geologically active region of north America is found along the west coast OR B not sure

regarding tropical rainforest the term evapotranspiration refers to the fact that?
**a. deforestation causes a loss of soil fertility due to water evaporation
b. deforestation causes a decline in atmospheric oxygen
c. the humidity of rain forest can produce local and regional precipitation
d. trees absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen

in the united states as of 2009 which of the following was the largest and fastest growing immigrant group?
a. eastern Europeans and Russians
b. western Europeans
c. Asians
**d. Hispanics

which of the following is the primary aim of the parti quebecois?
**a. establishing Quebec as an independent country
b. secession from Canada in order to become a department of France
c. garnering higher income from the operation of the st. Lawrence seaway
d. improving economic opportunities for French speaking Canadians

which of Canada's Atlantic provinces has jurisdiction over mainly uninhabited Labrador?
**a. newfoundland
b. prince Edward island
c. new Brunswick
d. nova scotia

in the Caribbean Puerto rico and Jamaica are islands of the?
a. windward islands
b. leeward islands
c. lesser Antilles
***d. greater Antilles

significant settlement in Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta?
a. occurred only as major highways were built across Canada
***b. followed the completion of Canada's transcontinental railways
c. occurred only after world war 2
d. was a response to the world demand for wheat in the early twentieth century

asked by cali
  1. immigration -- I don't know
    the alternative for the Americas - I don't know
    in the Caribbean - wrong

    I believe your other answers are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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