Language arts

Over the course of the past two lessons, you have analyzed persuasive appeals in two selections to compare and contrast those two selections. Which of the two selections did you find to be more convincing? Why?

To participate in this discussion, read and answer question 20 on p. 1,033 of Literature: Reading with Purpose. Discuss with your classmates how you can fight against pollution in your community. Why is it important to fight for things you care about?

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  1. @ Writeacher or Mrs.Sue??????

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  2. We don't have access to your assigned reading. And obviously we cannot know your opinions on these issues.

  3. I cant think of it. Do you know the text, "Teens Tackle Pollution?"

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  4. I just need to know why it is convincing. I am brain dead right now...

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  5. How is this:

    Which of the two selections did you find to be more convincing? Why?

    I found that "Teens Tackle Pollution" was more persuasive than the previous passages in the last few lessons.

    It is persuading teens to treat the environment better and how to keep our air from being polluted. It persuades teens to ride bikes instead of drive 5 minutes to your friends house, or around the block to pick up some groceries. It persuades teens to recycle more. Even when you are walking to school and pick up a piece of garbage someone left there is helping the environment. Those little things make big differences.

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  6. Good.

  7. thanks! :)

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  8. You're welcome.

  9. Thank you! I got 10/10! :D

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  10. thanks...

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