1. Legal requirements, suppliers and distributors, competitors, and market profiles are contained in the ( ) element of your business plan.
A. introduction
B. business information
C. industry
D. operating plant

2. Rachel plans to set up a beautifully furnished office for her interior decorating business. She will describe it in her business plan under the heading
A. Current Trends.
B. Marketing Profile.
C. Inventory.
D. Processes.

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  1. And these as well..

    3. What is the best way to put together a business plan?
    A. Concentrate on the section that you know most about.
    B. Give your full attention to each section, without distraction.
    C. Develop the plan as a whole so that it's unified.
    D. Prepare the introduction and overview first so you have some direction.
    C or D?

    4. Whether you operate your business from a small office at home or in a large plant environment, it's still referred to as your
    A. regulatory requirement.
    B. office building.
    C. market.
    D. operating plant.

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  2. #1 Is C. Industry.

    It's not D.
    In the study guide it says to prepare the introduction and overview last.
    It's not B. I used that in my test and it was wrong.
    I'm stuck between C and A.

    I don't know 2 or 4.

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  3. 2 is B

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  4. 4 is B

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  5. 2. is B for sure

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  6. what is 1

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  7. 1 is industry i think...??

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