I have to write a commentary on the play the glass menagerie where i have to analyze the author's style and my impression on the author. I've never written anything like this before. HELP PLZ!!

I had this exact assignment when I was in High School in 1959, and I remember it. Amazing.

I would suggest you focus on the concept of reality vs illusion, as in the mind. How did Williams show that the conflict of self denial of reality vs delusion of reality (or illusion) in each of the main characters? How did Williams deal with this differently in the characters?
On your impression, that is what it is...how did his writing affect your perception of the world outside you? Has it changed your thinking?
Williams in my opinion, for his time, was stark vivid with dealing with the reality of life. In 1959, some of his vividness was considered out of taste, and in the South were I grew up, considered distasteful. Such is life. Little progress or learning is ever made until we face our own existance, critically thinking about why we do and act.
Good luck on this.


Same question posted here. Did you see the response and follow up on these weblinks?


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