1. One of the main disadvantages of buying a franchise is that you may end up
A. choosing a poor location.
B. hiring a large staff.
C. paying too much for operating costs.
D. feeling like an employee.

2. After you open your new business is not the best time to
A. use your imagination and be creative.
B. build a loyal customer base.
C. conduct research on your product.
D. make improvements to your product.
C or D?

3. The freedom to make your own decisions can be limited if the business you choose is a
A. home-based business.
B. wholesale business.
C. service business.
D. franchise.

4. A great business idea is
A. an idea that no one else has ever thought of.
B. all you need to succeed.
C. something that comes along once in a lifetime.
D. the beginning of a great business.

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  1. C C D D

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  2. thanks

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  3. but actually the first question was D

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  4. C. C. D. D🥺🥺but not sure

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