celoso/a compartir deprimido/a
discutir inmaduro/a mal
odiar separarse tener celos

María y Pedro se conocieron la semana pasada. Se llevan muy bien. María es muy simpática y Pedro es muy gracioso. Pedro coquetea mucho con María. Creo que se quieren mucho. Estas historias me hacen sentir genial.

María y Pedro se (1) la semana pasada. Se llevan muy (2) . María es muy (3) y Pedro es muy (4) . Pedro (5) mucho con María. Creo que se (6) . Estas historias me hacen sentir (7) .

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  1. 1)?
    3) deprimida
    4) immaduro
    5) odio

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  2. I sent this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. When you post online, the very FIRST thing to let us know would be the instructions of what you are to do in the exercise. I "assume" you are to use the vocabulary at the very beginning IN the paragraph?

    From your answers, I hesitate to "guess" what you are to do. In #5 a verb is required and "odio" here is a noun. I'll flag this and come back later to find out what you are supposed to do.


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  4. Sorry I am supposed to replace the underlined words with the correct form of the words in the list to tell a very different story.

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  5. Another problem in that there are no underlined words!

    1. se separaron
    2. mal
    3. celosa
    4. inmaturo (check spelling if immature)
    5. discute
    6. se odian
    7. deprimida

    It looks like your story will use the opposite meanings from the original.


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  6. actually #5 is incorrect and so is #6, I just tried those two and it came up as wrong

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  7. 1. conocieron
    2. bien
    3. simpática
    4. gracioso
    5. coquetea
    6. quieren mucho
    7. genial

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  8. theses are the answers for La semana pasada quick check :]

    hope this helped

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