Calculus & Vectors

A search and rescue aircraft, travelling at a speed of 240 km/h starts out at a heading of N 20 degrees West. After travelling for 1h and 15 min, it turns to a heading of N 80 degrees E and continues for another two hours before returning to base. Find the total distance the aircraft travelled and how long it took.

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  1. 240 * 1.25 = 300 @ N20W = <-102.6,281.9>
    240 * 2.00 = 480 @ N80E = <472.7,83.4>
    add 'em up to get <370.1,315.3>
    So, the distance back is 486.2

    300+480+486.2 = 1266.2 km at 240 km/hr = 5.3 hours

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