For Homework were suppose to

"Trace the conflict of England and France from the battle of Hastings to the defeat at the battle of the Spanish Armada"

Are teacher is sort of really bad...
we don't know if were suppose to use the text book or not... we've yet to study conflict between France and England... don't know what the battle of Hastings or spanish armada is...

so please be in great detail as my teacher sucks at teaching...

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asked by Bob
  1. By all means, use your text book as your primary source of information.

    To get you started, in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror defeated the English and took over the country. William was a Norman from France. The Spanish Armada was the powerful Spanish fleet of ships.

    Check these sites for the details.




  2. I still don't get how I'm suppose to summerize 400 odd years...

    please I'm desperate help
    please just tell me the anser if you can

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    posted by Bob
  3. First, read your text and take notes on the important events.

    Next, make an outline.

    Finally, write your answer using your outline as a guide.

    If you post your answer here, we'll be glad to critique it.

  4. :<
    Makes no sense
    I'm lost

    :| My teacher sucks
    I don't think this is even in the book
    I don't know what to look under
    just those battles????
    What am I suppose to talk about???

    Stupid History Day
    Stupid Teacher
    STupid Stupid Stupid

    At least I have some help from here
    I really don't know what I'm really looking for

    All I have to do is summerize 400 odd years in one night :O

    Just please tell me what I'm suppose to
    and what to look for

    You can just tell me the answer if you want

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    posted by Bob
  5. I found the answer!!!!
    It's 24 :):):):):):)

    All I had to do was look in my book
    thanks a bunch lady or guy or it

    Who would of guessed that all I had to do was look in a book

    thanks for the help

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    posted by Bob
  6. You're looking for incidents involving conflicts between France and England. I'm sure these are covered in your book. You need to read it carefully. That's the point of this assignment -- for YOU to READ and STUDY this part thoroughly.

  7. 24???

    Congratulations on looking in your book! <g>

  8. Scary...I have the same assignment and I'm just as lost...and yeah my teacher sucks too...hmmm...scary...quite scary...you don't have Billiam, do you? (if you do you'll get that...)

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    posted by Lindsey
  9. how did the english overcome the spanish armada

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    posted by tt

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