I am doing descriptive writing

how can i describe a shooting scene in a school?

it needs to be detailed, chaotic and interesting

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  1. maybe have you in it, be a person in the story and act/write like if you were actually in that scenario.

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    posted by TTR+S<3
  2. i am

    i'm really struggling

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  3. You'll need to decide if you are telling what happens or if you're describing a scene.

    Telling what happens is most effective if done in chronological order.

    Description needs to be organized in such a way that your readers' brains can envision the scene, so order the details from left to right, right to left, nearer to farther, farther to nearer.

    Can you write in both ways in the same paper? Of course, you can.

    Have you written a rough outline?

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  4. I jerked to attention. Miss Tedious rushed out of the classroom whilst the girls in the classroom screamed with fear. I seemed to have understood right away what the urgency was. So, I got off my chair and rushed through the door only to have found Baxter shooting quizzes of bullets in the corridor. Some of the bullets were ricocheting; creating sparks as they hit the surface of the metal lockers. I looked towards Baxter and smoke was leaking at the end of his gun.

    this is what i have written so far

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