the ratio to the number of mystery books to the number of science fiction books is 4:3
the ratio of the number of science fiction books to the number of biographies is 4:5
if there are 48 science fiction books, find the total number of books using bar model

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  1. m/sf = 4/3
    sf/b = 4/5

    sf = 48, so

    m/48 = 4/3
    m = 64

    48/b = 4/5
    b = 60

    sf+m+b = 48+64+60 = 172

    maybe you can fit that into your bar model.

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  2. This makes no sense dont put on this site if you dony show your work

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  3. To me it makes perfect sense. Thanks

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  4. I don't get it don't show work

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  5. I need the ratio answer

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  6. I don’t understand how to use this as help.

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  7. this is horrible

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