Extended mathematics

In the diagram,LMN=ONM=90 degree.P is the mid point of MN,MN=2ML and MN=NO,Prove that (a)the triangles MNL and NOP are congruent

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asked by FARHAN
  1. I have tried to sketch this out, and It does not make sense.

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  2. angle LMN= angle ONM = 90 degree (given)
    MN= NO(given)
    MNL is congruent to NOP

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  3. In the triangles MNL and NOP. <LMN=ONM=90 (given) ,MN=NO, MN=2ML (given), MN÷2=ML,MP=ML,MP=PN (P is the midpoint of MN). Therefore, ML=PN and since there are two sides and an angle, triangle MNL=NOP(SAS).

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  4. Hie,
    I have seen the answer.However can you show your working


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