We have a compressor that has two problems ¡K the engine is constantly loaded to maximum, and the life of compressor valves is short. It is suggested to reduce the lift on the compressor valves.

What problem would this help?
Why would this help?
What problem would this make worse. Hint ¡K there are only two problems with this compressor, so the correct answer should be the other one ƒº
Why would this make the problem worse?

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asked by Tony
  1. Not knowing anythign about the design of the compressor, which is rediculous, you have too much air leading. This is why the engine is loaded.

    "the life of the compressor valves is shosrt" What is their design? Spring loaded ball check valves? There are just a number of things that can reduce the life of check valves.
    This question needs more information about the compressor.

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