I still don't know how to completely solve systems by substitution. Can someone please help me?

1. Y=-11+x
How would you know where to plug in the right section of the equation in a certain place?

2. Y =6x-5
Y =-x+9

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asked by Anonymous
  1. substitute the value of a variable from one equation into the other equation. For #1, we are told

    y = x-11

    So, substitute that into the other equation, and we have

    3x + 10(x-11) = -6
    3x + 10x - 110 = -6
    13x = 104
    x = 8
    So, y = x-11 = 3
    Be sure to check the solution to make sure it satisfies both original equations.

    Now do #2 in just the same way.

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    posted by Steve
  2. Okay! On #2 how would you set it up since there's no equal signs

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    posted by Anonymous

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