Can someone please check my answers and help me correct them if they are wrong? Thanks! <3
1. Which of the following describes changes to the industry in South Carolina during the 1800s? (1 point)
an increase of pottery factories
building factories to turn raw cotton into textiles***
an increased dependence on Northern factories
both an increase in pottery factories and building factories to turn raw cotton into textiles
2. Which of the following best describes how South Carolina's economy changed during the 1800s? (1 point)
Decreases in the number of plantations increased the amount of cotton grown.
Increases in the number of slaves led to a decline in jobs for free blacks.
The growth of small towns increased transportation and improved trade.***
Decreases in the size of markets increased trade among plantations.
3. How did new railroads in the South affect the economy of South Carolina during the 1800s? (1 point)
They allowed Georgia to open new seaports that decreased South Carolina’s trade.
They allowed planters to transport goods to the seaport of Charleston easily.
They decreased the privately owned railroads in South Carolina.
They ensured that Charleston remained a powerful port in the United States.***

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  1. I agree with your answers.

  2. number 3 is B

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    posted by gg
  3. Number 1 is D wtf. Ms Sue is a liar

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    posted by uh
  4. 1. D
    2. C.
    3. B

    3/3 100

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    posted by Jacob
  5. 1.D

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  6. Jacob and anndreana are both correct.

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  7. ello

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    posted by random

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