What is the van't Hoff factor for K2SO4 in an aqueous solution that is 5.00 % K2SO4 by mass and freezes at -1.21 ∘C?

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asked by Raquel
  1. 3.

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  2. You don't believe 3? That's the right answer.

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  3. My Home work is online. When I gave that answer it said 3 is wrong.

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    posted by Raquel
  4. This is college chem 132

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    posted by Raquel
  5. The theoretical number is 3 for K2SO4. Since all of that other information is included you must want the actual factor for this particular solution.
    5% K2SO4 = 5g K2SO4/100 g solution which is 5g K2SO4/95 g solvent.
    mol K2SO4 = 5/molar mass K2SO4
    m K2SO4 = mols K2SO4/0.095 kg solvent. Plug in and solve for m K2SO4.
    Then dT = i*Kf*m
    1.21 = i*1.86*m
    Solve for i. It should be close to 3 but not exactly 3.

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  6. 2.15

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    posted by ahisma
  7. bhag yaha se

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