1. Malayan traders and settlers:
A. brought oranges and rayon to East Asia.

B. may have introduced yams and bananas to Africa.

C. were the first Khoisan speakers in southern Africa.

D. composed just under half of the population of Zanj.

im confused between A and B

2. In southern Africa:
A. an integration of Khoisan and Bantu speaking peoples took place.

B. the people of the area were generally darker and taller than the migrants from the north.

C. the culture of the Khoisan speaking society came to dominate the area.

D. Islam became dominant in the 700s.

im confused between A and B

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asked by Any
  1. 1. It can't be A since rayon is modern synthetic fabric. I think the answer is B.

    2. Not B.

  2. rayon ? You have got to be kidding.

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    posted by Damon
  3. People from Southeast Asia settled Madagascar off the East Africa coast and traded with the mainland. They may well have introduced yam and bananas.

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    posted by Damon
  4. I believe A for the second one.

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    posted by Damon
  5. THanks guys

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    posted by Any
  6. You're welcome.

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