language arts check answers

I know I got 2 of these right so can you tell me which 2 are right ?? labeled the dependen clause that best completes the sentence below.

jeff and his parents went to a nice Italian restaurant________.

A.located down town near the river.
B.even though his mother prefers Chinese food.(I PICK THIS)
C.after his piano recital

2.which of these is an independent clause?

A.whereever scott goes
B.amy will go
C.after his piano recital(I PICK THIS)

3.look at this sentence.
(when we finish the race,we will go to my house for dinner.)
which word introduces the dependent clause?


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asked by Matt
  1. You need to learn to identify independent clauses.

  2. I know but you told me I had 2 right so please tell ME WHICH 2 ARE RIGHT !

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    posted by Matt
  3. Didn't I give you a big enough hint about the one you got wrong?

  4. NO

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    posted by Matt
  5. Number 2 is wrong. It's the only one that asks about an independent clause.

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